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Margareta Horn Sweet Pea Knit Hats in Striped Blue

Margareta Horn Sweet Pea Knit Hats in Striped Blue

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Margareta Horn Sweet Pea Knit Hats – Striped Blue

Chick pea, snow pea, black eyed pea, all are really sweet peas. Not to mention how ‘sweet’ the Little one is in this cute design. The green colors together with the assorted colors of the rest of the hat are really yummy. The 100 percent mercerized cotton yarns we work with give endless possibilities to create the most exciting styles and color combinations.

The Sweet Pea knitted hats are decorated with a knitted leaf and pea pod containing four peas. The peas are painted with a non-toxic paint and are sewn four times for added safety. The ladies knitting the hats are moms, so safety is a priority. The yarns meet international standards for safety.

The striped color Sweet Pea hats use alternating colors in even width stripes. The roll band is a solid color. The Sweet Peas pod, leaf and peas are green.

Each hat is hand-loomed when ordered, making each one of a kind. 

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