Douglas & CO Weslie Soft Dog
Douglas & CO Weslie Soft Dog

Douglas & CO Weslie Soft Dog

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Douglas Weslie Soft Dog

With a friendly bow wow and a waggle of his little tail, Weslie the Soft Dog stuffed animal is eager to be your best friend! His mottled plush fur features colors ranging from chocolate browns, to cozy tans, to cuddly creams. Weighted paws make Weslie irresistibly floppy and able to be posed sitting up or lying down for extra play value. An endearing face with amber colored eyes and floppy puppy ears will secure Weslie a place in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Adopt this sweet pup today and Weslie will prove himself as a loving and loyal companion!

Additional information

Weight: 7.4 oz

Dimensions: 9 × 8 × 9 in

Age: 24 Months & Up

SIZE (IN): 9" Tall Sitting

SIZE (CM): (23 cm)


Collection: Softs

Breed: Mixed Breed