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The Honey Book: Health, Healing & Recipes

The Honey Book: Health, Healing & Recipes

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From skincare to cocktails, and energy boosts to allergies, honey is a magic potion in an everyday bottle.

Honey has been prized by humans for thousands of years for its sweetness, nutrition, and medicinal properties. Honey collection is one of the oldest known human activities – with home beekeeping never more popular than today. Contemporary hives can be found on top of Paris’ Notre Dame, the Whitney Museum in NYC, the urban farms of Detroit, and – chances are – your neighbor’s backyard.

Honey’s benefits have been known by homeopaths for centuries, but honey has seen its star rise in the last decade, as its cure-all benefits have been rallied by health food stores and cosmetics trade. Honey is one of the world’s only natural sweeteners. It also contains nutrients, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids – a true super food. From allergies to baking, hangover cures to haircare, honey’s applications are endless – discover how to use it to its full potential!

Charming, engaging, and comprehensive, The Honey Book is the ultimate guide to this liquid perfection and the myriad applications it has to offer.

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