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“[Foodwise] is all about helping you discover the best foods and routines for your body, establishing healthy new habits you love, and restoring your ability to eat intuitively for radiant health.”Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Pegan Diet

Conquer cravings, reset your eating habits, and heal your relationship with food with this 21-day reset program full of delicious, satisfying recipes from nutritionist Mia Rigden.

Foodwise is a reset for the mind, body, and soul. Created by board-certified nutritionist Mia Rigden, this book will help you discover the best foods and routines for your body, establish healthy new habits you love, and restore your ability to eat intuitively for radiant health—all it takes is twenty-one days. Foodwise also shares sought-after recipes and nutrition tips for anyone looking to improve their health or well-being—whether that’s to lose weight, reduce stress, improve mood or focus, boost energy, or simply feel better.

Mia’s 100 plant-forward recipes are a celebration of food and will appeal to anyone looking to eat vibrant, healthy, and satisfying meals. Recipes include:
-Blueberry Basil Smoothie
-Za’atar Crusted Chicken Cutlets with Arugula
-Coconut Curry and Lime Soup
­-And much more.

In Foodwise, Mia also offers an optional guided twenty-one-day “Reset” elimination diet to help empower your health, feel your best, and improve your relationship with food. For twenty-one days, the program encourages you to nourish with balanced, nutrient-rich meals, and follows a simple meal plan with plenty of flexibility and options to suit different preferences and lifestyles. The twenty-one-day reset is perfect for anyone looking to stop dieting and make a lasting change to their health once and for all! 

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