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Douglas & Co Auggie Tan Puppy with Chimes

Douglas & Co Auggie Tan Puppy with Chimes

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Douglas Auggie Tan Puppy Chime

There’s no need to stay up all night howling at the moon when Baby has a friend as soft and lovable as our Auggie the Tan Puppy Chime stuffed animal to cuddle! Fabulously lush plush materials make Auggie an irresistible friend who’s ready to soothe and comfort. We’ve combined warm tans and cozy creams to create our engaging puppy’s gentle appearance, while baby-safe embroidery brings his bright eyed expression to life. A pattern of scattered stars and tiny moons decorate his tummy for an appealing celestial theme. Puppy love has never been sweeter, bring home our charming plush Chime toy or shop our entire Auggie the Tan Puppy collection to build your own ensemble!

Additional information

Dimensions: 5 × 4 × 9 in

Age: Birth & Up

SIZE (IN): 9" Tall

SIZE (CM): (23 cm)


Baby Collection: Auggie Tan Puppy

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